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Ice 9 (Xbox 360)

Save the world by catching the deadly balls of Ice 9 before they explode! Ice 9 is simple yet addictive game that will keep you playing “just one more game” to beat your high score.

Available now in Xbox Live Indie Games (formerly Xbox Live Community Games) on your Xbox 360 for 200 Microsoft Points, or download to your 360 from the link below:

Xbox LIVE Marketplace | Ice 9

Official Ice 9 forums now available on


The official Ice 9 message boards are now available on

Official Ice 9 Forums

Ice 9 is now available!


Ice 9 is now available for your Xbox 360!  You can download it directly from your 360 in the Community Games section, or you can set up the download from your computer using the link below:

Xbox LIVE Marketplace | Ice 9

Ice 9 is in Peer Review


Playtest is all done and we have moved onto Peer Review.  Once we get enough passing grades Ice 9 will be officially published to Xbox Live on your Xbox 360!

Ice 9 is back in playtest


The first round of playtest finished with no bugs identified, a good sign! Based on the feedback we received, we did a few things to make the game more accessible to new players. First, we tweaked the difficulty of a few modes to make them easier. Don’t worry, the Insane mode is still insane! We also tweaked the menus and help screens to make them easier to use and understand.

Ice 9 submitted for playtest


Ice 9 has been submitted for playtest.  The initial feedback has been positive and no bugs have been reported!  However, we’re finding that the difficulty level is a tad on the steep side, so we’ll be adjusting that before release.