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The Eowatch, a watch that tells the time in Eorzea (FFXIV)


I have an Android Wear watch, and I thought it would be fun to make a watch face that showed the time on Eorzea as well as Earth.  I call it the Eowatch:


At this point I still consider it a “beta” but I think it’s ready for public consumption.


First, you need to have the app “WatchMaker Premium Watch Face”, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store.  It currently costs about $2.99 (sorry, the app isn’t mine… but this is the only thing you have to purchase).

Next, to get the Eowatch face (free!), simply download the following link from your phone.  WatchMaker should load it automatically and then you can set it as your watch face from there:



The Eowatch should just work automatically for most people.  Depending on your preference, you can switch between AM/PM mode and 24 hour clock mode by tapping either the Earth time or the Eorzea time.  

The yellow arrows at the bottom of the watch are for manual time zone adjustment.  Most people should (hopefully) never have to touch these, but if your Eorzea time is wrong, check out the Troubleshooting section below.

That should be all you need; I hope you like it! I would love to hear your comments and feedback, either in the comments section or at



In order to know the correct Eorzea time, your phone and watch must have the correct time and time zone set.  Normally your phone and watch should set themselves automatically, but if for any reason your Earth time is off, then the Eorzea time will be too.

If your Earth time looks correct but your Eorzea time is still wrong, then read on.  If you’re off by only a couple of Eorzea minutes, then that’s a sign that your Earth time is slightly out of sync with the FFXIV servers.  Even just a few seconds difference in Earth time can throw your Eorzea time off.  I may try to add a fine tuning adjustment in the future, but for now you’ll have to either adjust your phone/watch time manually or just live with the small margin of error.

If your Eorzea time is way off from what appears in game, the most likely answer is that the Eowatch is misinterpreting your time zone.  There is an adjustment for this – simply tap the yellow left and right arrows at the bottom of the watch until the time matches what you see in game.  For those that are curious, the number between the arrows is the UTC offset for your timezone (see for more details).  Note that if you change to a different watch face, you will have to re-set your time zone adjustment when you come back to the Eowatch.

If none of these suggestions help, see the Contact/Support Info section below.



I’ve listed a few things below that I might try to do in the future.  Let me know if you have any other great ideas and I’ll try to implement them.

  • Fixes for any bugs that you might find!
  • Fine tuning adjustments to compensate for Earth time being slightly off.
  • New faces and graphics for the watch – I’m not much of a visual designer so I would need to find someone to help me with this.
  • Additional game-related features like a list of unspoiled nodes and alarms.
  • Standalone version of the watch that doesn’t require the WatchMaker app – I’m not sure if I will take it this far, but it’s always good to have a stretch goal.



I’m Ceiyne Keion on the Ragnarok server, and you can email me at

If you need help getting the Eorzea time to display correctly on your watch, I will need the following information:

  • The Earth time displayed on your watch
  • The Eorzea time displayed on your watch
  • The number between the yellow arrows at the bottom of the watch
  • The time zone you live in

You can also take a picture of what’s displayed on your watch and send that instead of typing out the first three items above.

Official Ice 9 forums now available on


The official Ice 9 message boards are now available on

Official Ice 9 Forums

Ice 9 is now available!


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Ice 9 submitted for playtest


Ice 9 has been submitted for playtest.  The initial feedback has been positive and no bugs have been reported!  However, we’re finding that the difficulty level is a tad on the steep side, so we’ll be adjusting that before release.

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